line of pointed color

a line,
pointed color
on the edge of a leaf

small heavens,
we built them
from veins of bamboo

before our skin
opened its eyes
green voices
floated through
open windows
as we collapsed into daylight

George McKim’s poetry has been accepted for publication, or has been published electronically in Viral Cat, Tupelo Press Sappho Poetry Project, Leaf Garden Press, Eviscerator Heaven, Carcinogenic Poetry, Rust and Moth Journal, Hanging Moss Journal, – Cram 6, Crossing Rivers into Twilight Journal, Simply Haiku, Everyday Poets, Everyday Poets Anthology (print) and the 2010 Nazim Hikmet Poetry Competition (print – chapbook available at Amazon). McKim is the editor of Psychic Meatloaf – Journal of Contemporary Poetry.

McKim is also a visual artist and his artwork has recently been accepted for electronic publication in Viral Cat, Breadcrumb Scabs and The New Post-literate: A Gallery Of Asemic Writing.

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