One Last

One last foray through the
Goodies swept to the side in a heap
As large as the Ellis Island dump

One quick look to see
What’s under the slab of stone
As heavy as the philosopher’s sigh

One last nervous pluck
At thoughts that lead to creation’s source
As elusive as yesterday’s tomorrow

One last picnic on God’s gated lawn
Trampled with the deep treads of
Disappointed hope and furrowed longing

One last appraisal of life in re-verse
To acknowledge that it all depends on me – to see

Eric G. Müller is a musician, teacher and writer. He has written two novels, Rites of Rock (Adonis Press 2005) and Meet Me at the Met (Plain View Press, 2010), as well as a collection of poetry, Coffee on the Piano for You (Adonis Press, 2008). Articles, short stories and poetry have appeared in various journals and magazines.

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