Culturally Eutrophic

Water drips invisible
from fluorescent lights,
a din against the metal bucket
or the wooden table warped
from abuse repeated
by spring storms
which occur when we sleep,
nocturnal caprice of wind
currents that catapult
rains retrograde, hurricane
over the Midwestern
fields of wheat, corn, cows
milked seasonal to produce
cream and artisan cheese,
brie spread on French bread
sold in back-street coffee shops
located in buildings derelict
where sieve-like roofs allow
water to permeate through cheese-cloth,
to mold and age the ambiance.

S. P. Flannery was born in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and now resides in Madison. His poetry has appeared in Revival, Random Acts of Writing, Poetry Salzburg Review, Snow Monkey and Moulin Review.

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