Tea Party

Iced tea is my preference
some like it scalding hot, sweet with milk
most Americans prefer coffee
robust black, hot.
Iced does have its followers.

Aristocracy historically had tea,
France before Britain.
Princesse de Tarente said it best
“it cures all her ills”.
Monsieur de Landgrave, forty cups a day
“He was dying and it brought him back
to life before our eyes”
Its properties extolled by physicians
became a symbol of royalty
Madame de la Sablière took hers with milk
“Because it was to her taste”.
Bitter to those less noble
it went the way of royalty
as heads fell under the guillotine.

Whether high or low
the image is elegance
lavish tea with scones and dainty sandwiches
served on fine china, polished silver.
Wrongly applied high tea
is not of nobility
being of the working man
it’s their evening meal
reward for a hard day’s work
not on a low parlor table
on the high main dining table.
Work allows no time for low tea
as preferred by the rich
idly influencing friends.

For now I’ll stay with coffee
and to those who switch to tea
I say to them
“La Tea Da.”

Timm Holt is a retired physician who now spends his spare time writing and doing community work. He has published widely in the field of geriatric medicine and is now turning his attention to his poetry. He lives in New Orleans with his life partner.

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