The Good Times

Everything was golden,
The carpet threads
Were curled gold and
It’s a bad plan to curl your toes.
And everything was kosher and gold
And there were no pork bones,
There were no beasts with splintered toes, nothing
From the golden sofa, and everything
Was rosy, growing down the shutters
And up from the stones,
It was kosher
And everything went well,
Everything was rosy and spiny
Like a porcupine, golden
Like a timepiece, everything was kosher
While the winds passed over the rag pile,
Passing, rosy, over the vines,
And the salty soil was kosher
Salty as the mud, the gold, the brine.

John Minser is a first year MFA candidate at Northern Michigan University. His work has appeared in the University of Notre Dame’s undergraduate journals, The Juggler and Re:Visions, and online at Strange, Weird, and Wonderful.

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