Psalm 42 (Upside Down)

I want to throw my psalter
Into the air like it’s graduation
And doodle flowers and flower-shaped genitals
in all the margins. And I want
Plagues aimed at Western gods
Like a day where all our modems
Turn to bunnies not even Steve Jobs
Can redesign. And I want every Pope
To kiss our rings and wonder if maybe
Some kinds of communion are
As good as others. Cause one day
We’ll be encircled by white candles
And if we’re not at the back of the food line
Someone’s going to put us up at the front.

John Minser is a first year MFA candidate at Northern Michigan University. His work has appeared in the University of Notre Dame’s undergraduate journals, The Juggler and Re:Visions, and online at Strange, Weird, and Wonderful.

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