She is Prose

She is prose. She is not like the daffodil, or the rose, or any other flowery sort of thing. Everyone knows her, but no one writes poetry preserving her glory on the page for posterity.

She is not like the moon or stars, shining down from the heavens in splendor. Mortals do not gaze upon her with inexplicable longing, nor with joy that feels like pain.

She is a newspaper. A gallon of milk. Scotch tape. A light bulb. The things kept near not for their brilliance, but their utility.

Shelly Bryant splits her time between Singapore and Shanghai, working as a teacher, freelance writer, researcher, and student of Chinese language and culture. Her first volume of poetry, Cyborg Chimera, was released by Sam’s Dot Publishing in October 2009, and her second volume, Under the Ash, followed in December 2010. Shelly loves to read, write, cycle, and travel, and enjoys the opportunities for all of these that her present migratory lifestyle affords. You can visit Shelly’s website at

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