Tracing Pathways

Wear the yellow dress and shiver
Down the side street paved in Winter
We will trudge our winter pathway
While you blaze emboldened angel

Through the ashen Winter landscape
Frozen silent in the snow
We will line our journey outwards
With our provisions in our minds:

            Stew-pot carrots somewhere frozen
                        Numbed to focus, lost to purpose
                        Complacent in containment
                        Frozen snugly in a bag
                        We wait only heat and want

Tracing pathways home to muster
We will warm and drown our goods
Violent reds and static oranges
Sink like ribbons in your hair

Inside a kettle numbed to soaking
We will fatten in our warmth
And leave the landscape’s ashen mindset
With a vibrant zest of will.

J. W. Mark is a poet living in Akron and has been published in The Ampersand Review and The Midwest Literary Magazine.

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1 Response to Tracing Pathways

  1. Sash says:

    Nice imagery!

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