Visiting Hours

Your key fits the tumbler, you stumble in.
The living room displays no trace of living,
magazines arranged just so on the coffee table,
all things put in their place. The kitchen’s
stainless steel range sports no stains,
no crumb taints the floor, the refrigerator
purrs like a hospital surgery. You half-expect
a nurse to enter from the hallway, announce
that the doctor cannot see you today,
and usher you to the door. As it shuts behind you
and the rush of air has chilled your ankles,
you notice the sign –
                                       Visits by appointment only.

Geordie de Boer, a rambler and wrangler of rhythm lives in rural Washington. He’s been published most recently by Hobo Camp Review, Hobble Creek Review, the beatnik, Offcourse, and Cirque. Visit him at Cockeyed Fits (

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