An Inflated Ball (The Scheme Of Currency)

A hollow ball floats downstream
gracefully from bank to bank,
suspended free from attachments
like ice-cream scoops in soft drinks.

This is the scheme of currency:
It fluctuates at a fixed rate,
great interest hovers sweetly,
as the world economy slumps
down dead slowly to the floor.

The floods are getting going fast.
As the level of liquid rises,
the fail floats on from bank to bank
doubling twice the precession.

The ball is dead in the water
on a fishing line that has cork as bait
from stucco rafts attached to
fleets of hollow wharfs.

James Dye is currently an undergraduate student working on a Bachelor’s in English, and he works as a composition tutor. His poems and short stories have appeared in a number of journals and anthologies such as Aphelion, a webzine of science fiction and fantasy, The Clockwise Cat, a progressive literary webzine, O Sweet Flowery RosesScifaikuestThe Ampersand Review, the greatest literary project of all time, DOGZPLOT, a flash fiction site, Poor Mojo’s Almanac(k), an online literary journal, The Cynic Online MagazineCalliope Nerve, a web log, Shoots and VinesOutshine, a twitterzine, Pandora’s ImaginationStrange, Weird, and Wonderful Magazinemad swirlMoon Drenched Fablescc&d magazine, Word Catalyst MagazineDanse MacabreThe Stray BranchSorcerous SignalsCats With Thumbs, a literary blogzine, (A Brilliant) Record MagazinePoets for Living WatersSorean Gothic MagazineMidwest Literary MagazineGirls With InsuranceRaven ImagesKerouac’s Dog MagazineHazard CatHaggard and Halloo, and The Camel Saloon. He is currently working on putting out chapbooks of poetry with various small presses. In 2009 he won the Django award, and in 2010 and 2011 he won first place awards for the NICC writing contest.

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