I live in a flat where everything is put in first before things are taken.
No need for boxes, we just open the door and let people in.
They take what they want.
They put in what they want.
I don’t ask for anything in return.
I don’t separate the old things from the new or segregate
What’s mine and what’s yours.
I leave them where they are supposed to be.
Even the pants left behind by the previous tenant,
I leave them in the closet.
It would kill space I tell myself.
I like the feeling of someone else being here before me.
I like to think of how they used to sit in the couch I saw when
I got here. How they eat their breakfast. How they
Always leave something behind thinking of its significance
For the next person who comes in.

Joshua Berida lives and writes in the Philippines. He graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University. He has been published online and in print.

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