steam from the pavement…

steam from the pavement
      after sudden summer rains
no method to its movement
      passing from one phase to another
rising instead in random swirls and curls
      like grief, unstaged

Lily Sun and Shelly Bryant have collaborated on many projects together over the years, including articles, translations, and a guide book to Shanghai that is currently in the works. Past fruit of their collaboration has appeared in Illumen, Aoife’s Kiss, and Eunoia Review.

A part-time resident of two of Asia’s bustling cities, Shanghai and Singapore, Bryant lives a migratory lifestyle that she has embraced with gusto. Her poems likewise have an international face, appearing in magazines, journals, and websites all over the world. She is the author of two poetry collections published by Sam’s Dot Publishing, and a travel guide to Suzhou from Urbanatomy. Her first travel memoir is due out in late 2011.

Having lived all of her life in one of the world’s most energetic cities, Sun has cherished the opportunities given to her to live for several months at a time in more rural locations in the U.S., New Zealand, and the U.K. Still, Shanghai remains home, and it is there that she is most often to be found. Her English writing has been published at Sloth Jockey and The Taylor Trust, and she penned the introduction to Bryant’s first poetry collection Cyborg Chimera.

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