The Blood Box

Through her I am tied to Ireland,
and I relish this heritage most.
            If the French and English
            and rumored Dutch in my blood
could congregate and collectively concur
to allow a siphoning-out and leave me pure,
            I would bring the needle,
            the tube, and the box
into which it would seep
while more pronounced freckles
sharpened their hue on my pale-skinned cheeks.
            Then I would stand
            with the discarded-blood box
propped in the palm
of my open and upturned hand
            as an actor would hold
            the red-stained cloth after a performance,
knowing the false blood was hers
for a passed moment.

Jennifer LeBlanc is currently pursuing an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Lesley University. Her collection, Coloring the Shadows, won the Mary C. Bryan Women’s Studies Award for 2009, and Cervena Barva Press published her chapbook, Unrestrained (2009). She enjoys reading feminist poetry and dramatic monologues.

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