De Profundis

Palish redness
Elevates dusty steps

Underground pain
Pours over the plain

The light wings bent,
The bulky roots – are gnawed

A short lyre shines
An eye of a cheerful Fasting
Spreads calm blow of wind

And so on…

Jovica Tasevski-Eternijan (b. 1976, Skopje) is a renowned Macedonian poet, essayist and literary critic. He has published five poetry collections and two books of criticism and essays. Also, he has edited two anthologies of Macedonian poetry. His poetry has appeared in many literary magazines, it is represented in a number of anthologies and has been translated into several languages. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the oldest living printed Macedonian literary magazine Stremež and a consultant for Macedonian poetry in The Other Voices International Project, an anthology of world poetry endorsed by UNESCO. He won The Enchanting Poet Award for excellent contribution in poetry writing, given by The Enchanting Verses Literary Review.

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