Dropping The Gun

The war within my being
Ceases the firing of odious axons
A treaty is forged
Between my elements
Whether they be of nature or soul
Each island is now liberated
Free from self-imposed obstacles
Exonerated from the execution
Of permanent punishment
Pantomimed by grief and doubt

Farewell I say
To the backfiring of barrels
Binding bullets to brains
Brandishing powders that inebriate
And incapacitate
Inhibition and intelligence

Good riddance to all the sadness
To the need for the continuum of validation
Welcome the true love within
And the challenges that come with
All the while abandoning
Self-doubt and angst

No longer shall I venture
Vehemently towards violence
Against myself
Tongue tamed and tempered
Thoughts domesticated
Petting the true nature
I aim to find within God’s light and creation

Memorizing the memos manifested by me
Betting that my luck will change at the rate of my evolution
Haywire no longer identifies my temperament

I knew my mask well
But now the eyes must peek through the lens
Of a realistic outlook
Doubling the insight and outsight
As the aperture clicks once more
Leaving a lasting image
Highly defining reality
In the here and now

Jack M. Freedman is a poet/spoken word artist from Staten Island, NY. He is the author of an original book of poetry and the editor of an anthology featuring writers on Staten Island. Jack also serves as the poetry editor of a mental health quarterly based in Brooklyn.

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