Experimental Method

Journal Entry 03/05/11:
At 8:23 a.m. this morning I amputated
my toes. Were clearly serving no practical
purpose, offensive to my sense of order.
Found self experiencing strong feeling
of liberation. Loss of blood

Journal Entry 03/07/11:
Phantom pains, nagging desire to trim
non-existent toenails. Attempted to
distract self by filing callus on left heel.
Vermin at the waste bins again.
Discarded materials
still waiting for weekly pickup?

Journal Entry 03/10/11:
Dreamed last night that toes on left foot
had begun to regrow.
Strange throbbing sensations.
Note: No actual signs of regrowth visible
upon awakening.

Journal Entry 03/11/11:
Intrusive memories of Mother, little
piggy wiggies. Pointless nostalgia, annoying.
Reminded self that Mother also had habit
of giving painful pokes in bellybutton
with long-nailed index finger.

Journal Entry 03/12/11:
What is happening? Feelings of loss,
regret, anxiety. Difficulty concentrating.
Have I lost my objectivity?
Possible to reclaim severed digits
from central waste dump?

Journal Entry 03/15/11:
Epiphany! In the early morning hours!
Feet – toes. Toes – feet.
Why did I not see it before?
Schrödinger’s cat.
If I never remove shoes, I am not toe-less.
I like shoes.

Jeffrey Park is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University (BA) and Towson University (MAT). He currently lives in Munich, Germany where he works at a private secondary school, as well as teaching business English to adults. His poems have appeared in Subliminal InteriorsMobiusPunk Soul PoetThe Corner Club PressYes, Poetry and elsewhere.

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1 Response to Experimental Method

  1. Maggie Mae says:

    Dig it, Jeffrey Park!! Totally Dig it!!!

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