Every winter morning
my mother arose at 5:00 a.m.
to hose the backyard into a skating rink.
In flannel pajamas and mink coat
she sprayed the grass
into glassy ice
every afternoon
she mixed vodka and tonic on the rocks.
She sipped. I skated.
I turned figure eights
imaging myself atop the cubes
in my mother’s glass
trying not to let her drink me down.

Deanna Morris is a second-year MFA student at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her poem “Sewing Room” was published in IUPUI’s genesis as Best in Poetry and her story “Charlie” was published at Subtle Fiction. Her flash fiction “Orchard” was published at A Small, Good Magazine. Her flash fiction “Connections” is published at Clever Magazine. Her flash piece “Birthday House” is being published in scissors and spackle. Her poem “Go Now” is published at Quantum Poetry Magazine.

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