Musings after a hospital visit in an Inner City Park

I lie upon the grass, propped by my elbows
The sun hugs halfway between above and horizon
It provides a pleasant warmth, neither hot nor cold
The drone of traffic continues beyond the tree line
Yet I can only see green
I could almost be anywhere
But the City won’t let me forget.

A heron glides by
Two sweaty men jog past
Capitalizing on a late lunch break
Talking about football
A man in a suit sticks to the concrete path
talking shop on his phone.
The space is pinpricked with people
Indiscriminately placed, arbitrary ages
Reading a book, a magazine
One is playing games on a device
Another man gently stretches
He has lower back problems.
A bald man with a rucksack is motionless,
staring at the ground, scratching his head.
A thirty something blonde power walks by
Others are rushing too
Some merely for the exercise
Others in haste, lost in phone blurbs
Almost oblivious of this island of tranquility
In the chaos.
I sit up, observing
Aware of this moment
Conscious of my Mortality
My place in the distant blue
As long as I see it, it exists.
A team of pigeons
Pick at the earth
A group of private school teenagers emerge from the trees
Led in a line of pairs by their male teacher
An odd crusade.
A young photographer carries his tripod
Two friends walk arm in arm
A man sits against a tree
Alone. Thinking.
Thinking he’s alone.
Three men in suits stall on a path
Talking too loudly
Believing their presence is the only real one.
A young man in red lies on his back
His arms folded, eyes closed.
A young woman walks her Chihuahua
On a leash
Seemingly proud.
And yet, for all these people
Together, alone
Going somewhere
And not
There is not one pair of Lovers
No Signature tune of Romance.

And the Park Seems
Empty without it.

Anthony J. Langford is an Author with various poems and stories published. He has a novella, Bottomless River, coming out through Ginninderra Press in early 2012. He lives in Sydney with his partner, daughter and three stepchildren. He has traveled extensively throughout the world, made short films which have screened internationally and now makes video poems. Some of his stories, poems and video work can be found at

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7 Responses to Musings after a hospital visit in an Inner City Park

  1. kvennarad says:

    Once again ER comes up with something well worth reading.

    “A heron glides by / Two sweaty men jog past” – the old problem for poets – how not to repeat a word but still convey the same meaning, so you pick a synonym (in this case ‘by/past’) and hope no one notices. Sorry! The good thing is that the assonance of ‘glide’ and ‘by’ seems right.

    It’s a list of observations, any one of which would have filled a single haiku, ending with a realisation of what hasn’t observed and a feeling of regret. It works well.


  2. Thank you for your thoughts. Very observant.

  3. Sally Corvini says:

    I was just transported to a sunny, inner-city park at lunchtime. Wonderfully descriptive, lively and interesting, with a hint of dissatisfaction. Much to think about with this poem.

  4. Ayela Thilo says:

    Great poem very thought provoking

  5. Thank you Sally and Ayela for taking the time to comment. That’s very nice. 🙂

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