The car complains all day
First from lack of fuel: we rush back and forth to appease her
Later for water: we satiate her thirst, and again, and again
Then a fan stops, and she is on the verge
I see him, my love
And wonder what enchantments he will do now
And think again how lucky I am
Then he is there, with amateur mechanics he has summoned from their trucks
To look under the hood with him
They invent some mysterious trick
Stand back
Admire their work
Suddenly he looks up
Over wires and circuits
Seeing me through a stranger’s eyes
Appraising me as for the first time
And he has solved everything

A professor of English and pedagogy, Salma Ruth Bratt is a second-generation American with an interest in the literature and linguistics of immigrants. She loves her sweet and thoughtful family, traveling abroad, passionate readers and writers, the theater of complex and interesting playwrights, the music of good listeners. Her work is often completed in collaboration with Moulay Youness Elbousty, for whom she is exceedingly grateful.

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1 Response to Resolution

  1. sonofwalt says:

    Wow. Simple, and yet it makes me just catch my breath a little in the sweetest way. Authentic. Nice combination of feeling. Well done,

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