Opus Dei

I spoke to God today for the first time
in months. I started by apologising
for not being in touch, then thanked him
for helping me hang in down here.
I said I know you won’t send me an email,
but can we agree that if the bus is on time today,
it must surely be down to you,
because the First bus company operates
on a basis of wasting our time,
whereas you would ostensibly save it; Amen.

The bus came one minute early.
There was something strange
about the driver today, his mood of joviality.
I thought he’d smoked “wacky-backy”
as I sat staring out of the window.
He took the wrong route despite mutterings
from the whole bus. Veering back
we arrived in town four minutes late.
Seems the Devil had tapped my line,
hallelujah! If there’s a devil there must be a god.

Michael Holme is a 40-plus-year-old UK writer who has been writing poetry since 2000, but predominantly since 2010. When he is not caring for his disabled wife or writing, he is improvising jazz piano poorly. He longs to have the money he used to squander when he had a regular job. He has been published in Eunoia Review previously, Red Poppy Review, The Camel Saloon twice, Mad Swirl four times (where he is featured), Time of Singing, and is due to be published in Bluestem. Visit his website: http://www.michaelholmepoetry.com.

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  1. Travel Culture Food says:


    I’m nominating you for an award! Here’s the link, & congrats!



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