Writing A Memoir

I don’t want to die just yet.
In my cave of memories are
so many chapters
that need to be recorded
before I’ve forgotten what I’ve done
with my life.

“Why now?” you may ask.
I answer, “Why not now?”
Age makes no difference.
I’ve been racing my friend and foe –
his name is Time –
for as long as I can remember,
and the day he passes me
is the day I won’t recognize
my own face.

So, starting today, I shall write about:
My birth, when I slipped
out of the womb
kicking, screaming, and jaundiced –
My girlhood, when I colored
with crayons and learned diligence
while wearing ballet shoes –
My heart, which bled
when I loved and when love
was never returned –
And my mistakes, which I pray
my children won’t repeat, unless
they choose to learn on their own.

Yes, I shall write
to put life in perspective,
then swivel it about
and view it from upside-down.
Each word on the page
is one day I’ve relived,
one day that will rouse a stranger
to reminisce
and find new meaning
buried underneath.

I don’t want to die just yet –
not until I finish writing
and know that I have truly lived.

Sara Letourneau lives in southeastern Massachusetts, where she works as a full-time technical editor and thrives as a full-time music lover, poet, and overall admirer of creativity. Since August 2008, she has also been a freelance reviewer for the Sonic Cathedral webzine, which covers female-fronted rock and metal bands. Sara’s poetry has appeared in Underground Voices and the Curry Arts Journal, as well as the anthology More Great Writing by People You’ve Never Heard Of. Visit Sara’s website/blog at http://saraletourneau.wordpress.com for updates on all of her projects.

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6 Responses to Writing A Memoir

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  2. Paul Tom Norton says:

    Well hopefully your not going to die soon 🙂 I love this poem, it is much better then the other I commented on. Like I said in the last review, most writers write about them selves and I believe you just did 🙂 In this poem you have happiness, joy, regret and sadness. This an excellent poem about a person who’s life has changed and for the better, also who has gained confidence in them selves, who wants to write and has found her true meaning in life. You Rock Girl!!!

  3. Paul Tom Norton says:

    Sorry I did not proof read on both reviews 😦

  4. Paul Tom Norton says:

    You are so very welcome:)

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