Sonnet – The Week

This week fell off the wall and shattered Sunday –
A party came on just as I was leaving
That followed through to spike the spark of Monday
And left a weekend sickness on my breathing
Throughout Tuesday into Wednesday which was cold
Although I raised a spade and did some digging
And dug it but Thursday woke up not so bold
And though sun shone my jogging stayed in jigging
Saving up for Friday which sadly proved not my day
It stuck around my veins like HDL –
The Saturday failed, a sluggish do-or-die day
And Sunday, well – it was a living hell
            And so that week is done, the next one’s on us,
            Ready to sneer, right from its start, “You’re goners.”

David McLintock lives in the south of England. After learning all he can about cultivating weeds and constructing rickety structures on his allotment he has turned his hands to DIY. He is currently wrecking his house. Meanwhile, his plans to become “the editor of a famous etiquette book” have been put on hold while he tries not to swear so indecorously whenever he is at his computer.

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1 Response to Sonnet – The Week

  1. kvennarad says:

    I wish I had known about this poet before submissions were closed for ‘The Phoenix Rising from the Ashes’ (an anthology of modern sonnets, due to be published in 2013 of which I am one of the Associate Editors).


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