Shary Boyle Called Me Nathan Today

area man with all the sex plans after I’m
done sexing mom in the 400 page cardio novel
 you should go to a porn store and

get a gangbang flick as we can’t broadband on
 your computer horizon

I am mr burns my hands have oven
burns from my new job at Easy Bake
pie factory of sweat and gears i also see
that you’ve been VERY BUSY on

face writing I see your signature everywh
ere in the subways and bus shelters

I would like to tell you about the obscen
e amount of cheese my brother
insists on serving me: olives cheese ann
taco shelles added to salad it was Mexico

cheese but i just don’t like to eat syrupy foods
maybe it was good! i don’t know

syrupy foods that sounds disgusting Shary Boyle
called me Nathan today so I ran
away after paying Saving Gigi for the sandwiches
then a PR person girl from Blue

Thunder called me Nathan  but fight network says
 I’m on TV screen today oh and some wrestling fan
said my art show was exploiting savage and making
money  off

the show because it was his birthday and he died so
I wrote to him saying no money was made at the
show from the art you idiot I kept him in line I fenced
him into the

reality I chose for him to see beyond his own maligned
POV of  alarmist noisemaking

Nathaniel G. Moore is a Toronto author and editor. He is the author of Let’s Pretend We Never Met and Wrong Bar. He just completed a book of poetry called This Is The Zodiac Speaking.

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2 Responses to Shary Boyle Called Me Nathan Today

  1. Trent Lewin says:

    I love the jarring nature of this one, and the way it jumps around in tone and voice. This is my kind of writing, very well done.

  2. Jeanette Gallagher says:

    And this is poetry? I do not get it! It doesn’t matter – I don’t want it.

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