Hiding behind explicit notes
her hands reach for elusive pearls
amidst an outcrop of stone
salted and restless within flesh and time
she flees symmetry
and the slap of shallow water
as the lap of silence swings back and forth with night –
new notes speak freely, trembling in the air
enduring many subtle changes in intonation
as hopeful hands fish in tactile dreams
and dip their bucket deep into
the soul
gathering damp tears for sprinkling
a love offering
and following, each note blurs into the next
a string of salt pearls as her hands rub back and forth
evermore entrusted only to those who listen intently
only for those who have been well-taught
by joy
and by pain’s whistling whetstone

Christine Tsen is a cellist and chamber musician performing throughout New England. She attended Eastman School and the New England Conservatory of Music. She is a published musician and poet. Her poems are or will be in THRUSH Poetry Journal, The Bark, The Legendary, and Utmost Christian, among others. In her experience so much of poetry feels like music, and music like poetry – and to her one lights up the other! More:

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2 Responses to Vibrato

  1. last lines are – really wonderful, beautiful finish.

  2. Jim says:

    Beautiful images between the words

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