A Tension

Attend to this                 constriction:
give attention to constriction
                  such strict tension

Attend restrictions with care.
Your flair for entanglement here
will vary the angles at which we attend:
attendance is mandatory.

Attendance is compulsory
but come, your pulse is quick and strict
so do check the tense of the verbs you select:
they will fold back at you when the fabric is finished.

At finishing school you learned to sit neatly:
you learned to speak sweetly and pronounce each pronoun
without excess feeling.

Excessive constriction restricts from within:
give attention to tension
                  such tensions rise up but not in rebellion
bells summon us all in to tea
                  at three.

Three days and rebellion reveals its veracity
yearning in teeth quick and ivory dancing
against the soft curtains which line the long haul at strict angles
                  such tender construction.

Allison Boyd can usually be found teaching English, staring at the ceiling, or watering heat-stricken jasmine vines. Allison’s work has appeared in The Penwood ReviewNibble, and Eunoia Review.

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