Ladybugs blew through
my geisha black hair as I circled
round the swings my fingers dampening
the metal links but oh the exquisite skin of an inchworm
wandering up my wrist why I was an insect girl I don’t know
I enjoyed being coerced by the wind
and nursed by the mouths of blooms in a hush

I carried a sistrum in my left hand
hoping to grow kaleidoscope wings
that fuse with the spine of a leaf
wings that dissolve into sugar
wings that fold into honey
wings that turn into wind
wings that even
you cannot
believe the

Atoosa Grey is a poet and singer-songwriter living in Brooklyn, NY. She studied literature in college, and is a current MFA student at The New School. Her poems have previously appeared in Common Ground Review and on The Best American Poetry blog. You can also find her on the playground in Brooklyn with her three-year-old and three-month-old daughters. Visit her website:

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