Right Under Our Noses

There is an alien living next door to my house.
Through both his windows and curtains I see him,
and even though he looks like a human sort of person
with his actual hair and eyes, his skin and living fingers,
I can still figure out by what he does what he is.

Call me paranoid, but I don’t see it that way
when, in the sights of my telescope at night,
even at the latest, oddest hours on the clock,
when everyone else in the neighborhood is deep asleep,
I’ve caught him walking around half-dressed.

Sometimes, when I watch him through the hole
I drilled into the roof and ceiling over his bedroom,
he makes these prayers to angels with weird names
that I don’t know, and I’ve never seen him kneel;
I think it’s clear this guy isn’t from around here.

It’s very disturbing to listen to the recordings
I’ve made of him with the bug I planted in his pillow
and discover that sometimes he talks on the phone
to people that I don’t know about since I’m not him;
I’m afraid all day long that he’s the evil kind of alien.

Once in a while, I’ll catch him brushing his teeth
in the camera I installed in his bathroom mirror
and he doesn’t brush his teeth the way I like to;
there’s something very wrong, very different in him
and I worry about the things I’m going to have to do.

He eats breakfast foods I can’t bring myself to recognize;
nights he pleasures himself alone to sights I find repugnant;
when I go through his mail I find pink envelopes
from the places where all the strangers come from,
and, honestly, I’m pretty much at my wit’s end over here.

I’ve tried to talk with him about my concerns
but every time I do, I can only get as far as
thinking about talking with him about my concerns
before I remember that I put a webcam in his shower;
I’m running out of time; what am I supposed to do?

Rich Boucher has published four chapbooks of poetry and once hosted a poetry slam in Newark, Delaware. Since moving to Albuquerque in March of 2008, Rich has been performing and writing steadily in the Duke City. His poems have appeared in The Nervous Breakdown, Adobe Walls, Borderline, Brawler, Hypertext, Missive, Neon, The Más Tequila Review and The Legendary. Hear some of his poems at http://richboucher.bandcamp.com.

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8 Responses to Right Under Our Noses

  1. This reminds of the Uncle Sam. He’s everywhere… Lol! I loved reading this Rich. The sheer simplicity is simply wonderful. I will keep an eye on my neighbours…

  2. ship5giay says:

    Reblogged this on Làm Chứng Chỉ Anh Văn Tin Học and commented:

  3. susyc says:

    Pointless paranoia and projection. Who’s the real weirdo here? But I see that’s the point. Fun!

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