An Intimate Moment

Read me like a book.
Decode the syntax of my behaviours.
Learn to love my intricate and winding plot line.
Place me at the top of your shelf.
When you are ready to read yet another chapter,
Run your finger down my spine,
Admire my hardback design,
Kiss the creases of my pages,
Intoxicate yourself –
Inhaling my inky rhythms and rhymes.
Forge long-lasting friendships with each facet of my being;
Unique characters, consisting of depth and meaning.
Immerse yourself in me for hours,
Solve the mystery that dwells within.
Reach your climax – I am satisfying.
Once you have finished lay me down.
Think of me fondly in years to come.

Melda Koparan is a twenty-two-year-old who resides in New South Wales, Australia. Melda has just completed her final year as a student at Macquarie University, undertaking a Bachelor of Arts/Diploma of Education course, majoring in History and English. Melda has been published in ZineWest 2011 and 2012, the Spring 2012 issue of Do Not Look at the Sun, and The Camel Saloon. Melda enjoys exploring the possibilities of creativity, the imagination, and human experiences and emotions.

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