Eight Challenging Things to Do Before Breakfast

for Peter, Lori and Michael

Follow the desire lines to the goat farm
It’s not the international road but it’s common

There are some spare chairs over there
The icing may be sticky but the cake is carrot

Down by the river the fish sneaks the bait
Look around, black kites swoop the crisp air

It may be too early for apostrophies
But it’s better than staring at moss and seaweed

After every action follows the award
Someone has to exterminate the security guard

Write until you are fit enough for Buddhism
A consistent writer walks a long way in the shade

You can cross the bridge when it’s cooler
All by saying there are some irons in the fire

A joint manuscript needs a prooemium
Time has run out, breakfast is on the table

Martha Landman is a South African-born Australian poet who loved reading and writing since a young age. Her profession as a psychologist keeps the pot cooking while she does what she loves. She has published poetry online and offline, and published The Paradoxophies with Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke in 2012. Martha’s second manuscript déjà vu uncentered is in the making.

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