A Spectrum Framed

Tad farther moves the watchful moon
as stillness grips those below;
Entranced in idle chatter and
worries proclaimed in bold.
Slow enters a lady, hunched,
old, and round her head wraps
a bandana, as she, a pirate lady
looking for gold.

In bellies of green bins, she
loots the depths of unwantedness;
Of foods, flyers and cigarettes, display
a scene and sin of wasted expense.
Unnoticed, she sinks her teeth-tongs
into her next meal which depends
on branded aluminium by Coke, Sprite
and the like.

With her bag half-full, a decent haul,
the old pirate lady ambles back
whence she came; into a crowd
that see her not. Lulled by
the sounds of the day’s
boasts, gossips and complaints –

A spectrum framed.

Isaac Tan is currently a sophomore reading philosophy and theatre at National University of Singapore (NUS). He is also the editor of the NUS Literary Society’s journal, Symbal. He is an aspiring writer and hopes to get more of his works accepted in various journals. He blogs at http://pre-lude.blogspot.sg.

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3 Responses to A Spectrum Framed

  1. louiville says:

    A wonderful observation and portrayal of what is shamefully called a bag lady. Highly descriptive and moving with gentle touching pace.

  2. Jason says:

    Great poem, vivid and captivating 🙂

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