The Left and the Right

Left eye – blue, far away
Right eye – red, close by

I spy with each
The different directions
Of my soul.

With both I can tell wrong from
Good, chance from destiny.
With one I see marvellous
Lies, with the other
The very fabric of truth.
Which is which? Siamese
Twins, they exchange
Orbits while I sleep
And dare me to guess
Each morning, in front
Of the mirror. Which
Is which? One blue
And far away, the other
Red, close by. If I shut
Them by turns, I
Perceive myself in
Moving waters, both
Distant and near,
Both true and false.
If I open them together
I see the whole Universe,
Unmoving, constant.

I have a left eye
And a right eye –
But which is which?

Maria Cohut is a writer, reader, listener, watcher and lover of all things gothic, weird and obscure. She comes from the land of kitsch vampires and cheap alcohol, though she is currently based in the UK. On a day-to-day basis, she keeps impending madness at bay by striving to maintain the fragile balance between her research, her teaching, her writing and the slightly less exciting parts of her life.

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