His Name Is Robert Paulson

I name
the things that I love
out of fear
that they will disappear
            from the eyes of men,

and the spirit of my heart
will forget
to visit them
in the darkness
            of the past,

and out of the fear
that without
the stewardship of my heart,
they will further recede
from the sight
            of men’s minds,

and history’s darkness
will creep up on us
in our sunset condominiums
            and unfurled drug stores

like cancelled noise,
vibrating at a frequency
beyond perception,
            consuming everything

            from backseat buckles to runts of the litter,
            aloneness and the female backside,
            writhing lots and sky city hills,

in searing pain,
our eyes melt from our heads
as our memories give up
and sublimate
            from the immediacy
                        of the light
                                    which consumes us, too.

Ben Brezner is a writer and middle school ESL teacher. Originally from Massachusetts, he lives in Arlington, VA, with his wife and two cats. If he weren’t so talented a writer, he probably would have been playing centerfield for the Red Sox by now. His work has been published or is forthcoming at The Camel Saloon. You can learn more about him at http://www.benbrezner.com.

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