The Music

‘It’s the music,’ she said.
I think she meant
real life isn’t like the films,
where strings swell and emotion balloons
and feelings run and gush like fake
rain on a beautiful face.
Can words not describe nothing?

I’ve heard others say something
like ‘music moves me’.
I can’t embellish the routine
score of road traffic, footfall,
birdsong etc.
Instead, I perform the processes
of each day accompanied
by thousands of tracks.
Who doesn’t want to feel

You can adorn
pretty much anything
with musical devices.
They get my fingers and mouth
which are otherwise, I surmise,

Sam Langworth studies Creative Writing at Birkbeck University, where he has received invaluable teaching and guidance from Liane Strauss and Anthony Joseph. He has work forthcoming in Ink, Sweat & Tears.

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