The Vertigo Room

Single blade of grass
painted on the folds
of a scented fan
decoration carved
on a fan spinning
from the ceiling
the prop on stage
in a theater of plants.

The room turning like
phonograph labels
scratchy vinyl blues
boxy voices and broken
string guitars, chalk-board
menu selling slender greens
yellow-greens, meteor-quick
flashes through the café trees
spelling cures in the ancient
night sky.

Kenneth Alewine is a doctoral student at the Institute for Medical Humanities, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston. Later this fall he will be traveling to Romania to give a presentation on melancholia and music visualization. His scholarly interests include music and voice hearing, art and medicine, illness narratives, and computer music. His poems have appeared in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Poetry Quarterly, UCity Review, Psychic Meatloaf and elsewhere. Kenneth is a multimedia designer and composes electronic music. He is also building a virtual synthesizer using a visual programming language.

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  1. kvennarad says:

    Ex Eunoia semper aliquid novi.

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