The Sands of Orto Preco

Jig and dipper in the afternoon,
nodding upside down reflections
from the flagilleant delicate lagoon
Blur by grit, wind, salt sea water
tide brings other offerings, phantom
turtles, turtles’ eggs, white plantar
the sea breeds, nourishing, even
the injured and injuring eye
converts almost-horizon, ocean
to shape a past and present
trickling in hazed-over wasp-
waisted glass. Sand ghosts
spook each other, uplifted
as breeze dances them away.
The dancers have gone. Now
the light glisters, thickening
soupy, dulled. That child
sea-shivering, goose-pimpled
pulling on her vest. Those pools.

Colin Honnor is a widely published poet in numerous magazines and anthologies in print and online, including: Poetry and Audience, 21 Years of Poetry and Audience, Agenda, Outposts, The Rialto, Fire, Smoke, Orbis, Ore, Iron, Lines Review, Envoi, Staple, Sepia, Hybrid, Poetry Nottingham, Tops, Pennine Platform, Ammonite, Terrible Work, Tandem, Odyssey, Headlock, Swansea Review, Iota, The People’s Poetry, 4×3, Arabesques Review, Dublin Quarterly, Braquemard, Poetry Manchester, Poetry Quarterly, Masques, Great Works, Aireings, The Wolf, Various Artists, and many others. Collections, mostly from small presses and private presses, include From Underground (Mirabilis, 1986), Dante (Yew Tree Press, 1997), Cavafy, The Somme. English Poetry is forthcoming from University Press of America.

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