Georgie’s:            The Gay “Cheers” of AP
hosts weekly amateur go-go boys.
My boys all talk,            gossip like bothered hens,
whispering into their     draft beers.
They smile behind the foam about last week’s benefit,
and the                 cut of his boxer briefs.

Rule #1: Underwear is required at all times.
It must cover the front but not the back.
Bright colors mean                        more dollars.

My game night invitation brings me here,
because 15 gays sitting around playing
                              Cards Against Humanity
isn’t enough entertainment for one night.

Why not ride bicycles   drunk across town
from the safe craftsman to the barbed tracks
so I can perch on a bar stool, my chin nestled
into the boney crook of Mike’s arm.

#2: Tonight,                  I’m a Cheshire.
Come closer,                  and I’ll bite.
Come closer,                  and you’ll bleed.

Jennifer van Alstyne has been published in Eunoia Review, Midwest Literary Magazine, The Monmouth Review, Foundling Review, Paper Nautilus and Poetry Quarterly. Her chapbook, Scansioned Music: A Glenn Gould Collection, for which she was the winner of the Jane Freed Grant, is being published by Crossroads in 2013. She is currently the poetry editor for Bombay Gin, the literary journal of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics.

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