After Luis Buñuel

The day dawns in cold acratia
against a sky with double-glazed windows

eyelids and eggshells scattered in the grass
are swallowed whole by greasy little children

nestled in a corner, in abrasive amnesia,
a colt has forgotten the taste of colostrum

the mistress of the house, newly married and pregnant
screams at her maids as a one-eyed frog

Her husband, a barrister, and a nightly gigolo
recites the abysmal properties of chromium

while in the darkened alcoves of the manor
a headless chevalier crucifies Bach

and in the fields and in the cottages
at the edge of acres in stolen lands

one-legged peasants with toothless grins
cremate the brunt of their master’s manure

manacled in poverty and stripped of honor
they chant hosannas to primitive gods

while angry poets and disheveled outcasts
fight for their cause in cafes and courts

Zaina Anwar is a Pakistani artist and poet currently based in Islamabad, Pakistan. She has been writing poetry for the last five to six years and has been published in multiple online magazines and websites. She has strong Sufi inclinations and her poetry naturally tends to lean toward the equally mystical genre of Surrealism. She maintains a website/blog called Indigenous Dialogues.

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