Bathing with the sexes

I’m swimming in bottles of shampoo and cleansers.
It’s like a chemist’s laboratory
only I don’t know what any of the vials do.
Statistically, sporadically, emphatically,
all of them remind me of the women
that I once knew.
The Sallys and Janes, a couple of Taylors, too.
All of them and none of them

remind me of you.

Maybe the scrubs will be gone on Sunday,
the only day that ever symbolized anything.
I’m sure the curtain will be drawn by then.

Tennae Maki is the audio archivist for an arts radio station, which is based out of Brooklyn, New York. She restores and transfers audio from original reel-to-reel tapes to digital formats. The themes in her work have been greatly inspired by the speakers featured in the audio segments that she recovers.

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