My Mother’s Mug

            You broke my mug
            The one my mother bought me.
She gave it as a gift
                        A going-away present
And I pretended,
That every cup of tea I drank from it
                        She had made me

So when it slipped from your grip and
Against the slate-tile floor you insisted we buy
I shouted, screamed and swore
Until you backed away, arms upraised.

And when you were gone
I knelt down amid the broken pieces
Gathered them in my hands
                        All jagged edges cutting flesh.

The tile had been scratched,
            My thumb dragged in the groove,
And now I stand on it
                        My feet placed on the mark
My mother’s mug made
            Part of the house

Ellen Duncan is currently studying MA English at Cardiff Metropolitan University, having studied BA English and Creative Writing at the same university. She has had a short story published in the anthology The ‘C’ Word and regularly attends and reads at poetry and spoken word events.

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