Mark the death and rebirth
Of Hyacinth, as Ovid had done,
Faithfully as a scribe,
And, more lovingly, the Spartans
With their festival.
Mark love, death, change and repose
In these poems, as you would mark
A page with a bookmark.
Mark the impermanence of life
And – better yet – its eternal recurrence
With as keen an eye as the stroke
That had drawn three petals of blood.
Mark how each petal
Has condensed into a poem,
And how my triptych is now

Melvin Chen is a Singaporean philosopher, poet and painter. His poems have appeared in Tipton Poetry Journal, while his philosophy has been accepted for publication in Philosophy & Literature, Philosophical Forum, The Southern Journal of Philosophy, and elsewhere. He is also an invited Reviewer for the Croatian Journal of Philosophy. He speaks English, Mandarin, Norwegian, Danish, and French, and is learning Slovak, the native language of his muse and fiancée.​

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