While the sword rests
Idle in its scabbard above us,
Let me first draw your left thigh aside,
Tracing flesh along its circumference
And licking its warmer inside.
An upward thrust,
Followed by a parting of the right,
Setting off electric tingles
Down through your ankle
And toward the tips of your toes.
The second upward thrust
Belongs to you, as do
Those spasms and that cry
Which crown our οργασμός.

Melvin Chen is a Singaporean philosopher, poet and painter. His poems have appeared in Tipton Poetry Journal, while his philosophy has been accepted for publication in Philosophy & Literature, Philosophical Forum, The Southern Journal of Philosophy, and elsewhere. He is also an invited Reviewer for the Croatian Journal of Philosophy. He speaks English, Mandarin, Norwegian, Danish, and French, and is learning Slovak, the native language of his muse and fiancée.​

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