A Sentence is a Red Balloon

The handsome vase on the piano
The Elysium of the mindless hours, sd Joan

They’re almost like a David Bowie finger up
This perfect yellow river

Our teeth pooling in the valley of the dead auriferous
Rats without teeth & so I grab a thick blanket

Before getting some milk
                        Someone just now excuses themselves

I am brushing my yellow teeth at a crosswalk by the door
& women, I find, love themselves best in a can of soft green asparagus

We are gone Saturday but can you come with on Sunday, inquires Joan?
The Baroque is a rooster, I sd, a red, red balloon

Popping at the end of a sentence!
You seem to be saying—this fried egg of a planet is so over now, sd Joan

& someone (whose voice is a STOP sign)
Is shooting at life from a passing car

& it’s like this tape dispenser is the same age as this
Clinical psychologist Joan knows

& wasn’t it really great of him
To stop by & share his meditation techniques with all of us?!

            & when I discovered I couldn’t act worth my salt
Joan sd I took out the whole side of a barn

With horses in it from WWII
There was a man in his fifties deciphering the moon

This is goodbye for now, I told Joan
A dog howls at the fire hydrant outside

Bless him anyway
On his subway travels, sd Joan

Raymond Farr is author of ECSTATIC/.of facts (Otoliths, 2011), & Writing What For? across the Mourning Sky (Blue & Yellow Dog, 2012). His poems appear in and/or, West Wind Review, Otoliths, Upstairs at Duroc, Cricket Online Review, & Eratio. He has a chapbook, Eating the Word NOISE!, which is slated for February 2015 publication by White Knuckle Press & another full-length collection of poems Poetry in the Age of Zero Grav due out from Blue & Yellow Dog Press in mid-2015. He is editor of Blue & Yellow Dog.

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