The Airing-Out

Shoes and a boot
      conceal the old, odd suitcase.
It is coaxed out
      and emptied of wools,
plush wide-waled corduroys,
      flannels, and leather. Everything
musky with suede-scent
      and desiccants.

I’ve freed my bedside
      window from a corpulent A/C
and sealed the panes.
      Static electricity bristles the air;
the airing-out is over.
      October’s leaves have turned—
an elapsed calendar page
      ripped out.

And I return to the weathered
      suitcase, refilling it
with folded and hand-smoothed
      linens, flimsy silks,
and madras. Under the bed,
      my cache is restored
like bulbs split and reburied
      before the frost.

Jaffa Kintigh has previously been published in di-verse-city and Tres di-verse-city as part of the Austin International Poetry Festival. He received his M.A. in Creative Writing—Poetry from the University of Illinois at Chicago, having previously studied poetry at Iowa State University and the University College of Wales in Swansea. Jaffa resides in Chicago, IL, USA, where he’s writing an urban fantasy series. His blog: Jaffalogue.

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  1. jaffakintigh says:

    Reblogged this on Jaffalogue and commented:
    The Eunoia Review has posted my poem “The Airing-Out”. Check it out.

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