sharing a bed this long

all that has happened is unburiable
i have seen you drink continents of grief to surface
each of our atlantises with their rooms of fisted lovers and unstomachable autumns
will be swum to eventually
i know you have lakes chambered forgotten in your throat
i know that sometimes you understand the disaster of someone and lie with them
not despite but because

(i will love what is locked of you without opening)
we owe each other nothing
have been too many everythings already for that

look at how soft the risk is how mouth your hands are
each tragedy a loose tooth i want to pull
out feel the sharp of again and again i
will swallow too much of this and stay on my feet

Zoë Koenig is currently a student at Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin, majoring in Critical Identity Studies and Literary Studies. Her work is in Electric Cereal and forthcoming in After the Pause.

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