A certain kind of ghost

For Nittavanh

“Most Honoured One, I have a question to ask you. If sons and daughters of good families want to develop the highest, most fulfilled and awakened mind, if they wish to attain the Highest Perfect Wisdom, what should they do to help quiet their drifting minds and help subdue their craving thoughts?” (Diamond Sutra)

And as you walk
down the street –
the certainty of cold wind
slapping your face –
you’ll remember you wanted

to cure the incurable,
save the unsavoury and
split emptiness
with raw contempt.

And with a mastery you
didn’t think possible:
the certainty you will die,
on a Tuesday.

As if living, you’d made
love possible,

in all kinds of tongues.

Felix Maple is a professional geographer living in Paris, France. He was a volunteer paramedic for a while. He is British but has been living in France most of his life, which is confusing to him. He teaches geography at the University of Paris 8 (Vincennes – Saint-Denis) and writes poetry whenever he can. His work has been published in Brevity Poetry Review, Emerge Literary Journal, Eunoia Review, Red River Review, Rose Red Review, Napalm And Novocain and Visceral Uterus. His blog is at: http://felix-maple.blogspot.fr.

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