The boys

The boys jog around Ugie
at twilight, in the early summer.
Their chests burn,
reminiscing over winter days
spent in bed.
They sweat till they take off their damp T-shirts
and tuck them inside their shorts
or sling them over their shoulders.
They glide through the dark like ripples
and glisten like five-cent coins
from Spar
under the streetlights.
Their legs pumping and heavy,
their heads dizzy and light,
as they compete in raspy short breaths
to keep up with each other.
The mind pushes and the body is pushed
around and around this small town
as if restless and sick.

Zukisani Nongogo was born in the Eastern Cape in Mount Ayliff. He is an aspiring writer currently completing his final year as a Theatre and Performance student at the University of Cape Town.

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