The Happy Genius of My Household

People don’t approve of my affair
with the moon. You must have to get up
with the children,
they say, You must
be home to cook breakfast and dinner.

Some nights I don’t need sleep. I read
from my bibliographies
take the dog for a walk, if I’m brave,
mostly write. It’s the only time
nobody needs me. It’s the only time it feels
safe to work and nobody

is calling me. And I can listen to Icona Pop’s
“I Love It” 21 times and nobody
is stopping me. There is nobody
on the trampoline, there is nobody
on the back porch with a loud friend,
nobody is untucked. The sun is coming up

and this makes me sad. If I were an octopus
I might never need to rest. I could squeeze out of my tank,
unarmed and solitary. I once heard about
an octopus who stole fish by night.
By day she drove her kids to swim
and picked them up from gymnastics.

My mother shamed me for not
watching my kids’ sports practices.
My Inbox will bling all day until 11 pm.
The alarms for my meetings squawk like birds.
But by midnight the air is death.
How can I sleep in such sweet absence?

Heather Dorn is the Director of the Binghamton Poetry Project, a literary non-profit that runs free poetry workshops, contests, readings, and anthology publication for local voices. She is graduating with her PhD in English, Creative Writing (Poetry) from Binghamton University in Spring 2016. Her work can be found in Festival Writer, Helen, Metonym, and the Paterson Literary Review.

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