Love (Huh!) Like Sand in My Shoes!

& sans the tilting clocks
In the terrible hot seaside afternoon

We pick up Picasso fishing
The one false move an artist can make

& nothing about us surprises him
Guernica, he moans—

All seven sides of us visible at once
His slow existence melts our periwinkle sunglasses

So we bicycle at dawn off Eastern Point
The boy next door etc making bombs

The dim shadow of our loneliness
Spitting fish at the clouds in windows we pass

& all our aimless mornings
Like a friend having stayed the night

& the waves are just a hushed baby away—
A giant broccoli glittering at sea

But today is a drab linen suit
We used to wear it half-joking

You called me the wolf
In the undertaker’s suit

I wake up

Soft & cuddly & white-haired
The idea of Self—

Two paths diverging—Vegas, Baby!
Like a painting in the woods

Outside—a work of modern art
Topples the steadfast calm

Inside—there’s frost on the roof
Of death’s chicken coop

Back then we kept
Sound in a box

That blackened
Our hearing

Raymond Farr is author of ECSTATIC/.of facts (Otoliths, 2011), & Writing What For? across the Mourning Sky (Blue & Yellow Dog, 2012). His chapbook Eating the Word NOISE! was published in February 2015 by White Knuckle Press. Another full-length collection of poems Poetry in the Age of Zero Grav is due out from Blue & Yellow Dog Press in 2015. He is editor of Blue & Yellow Dog.

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