A Pain Named Dog

I have given a name to my pain
            And call it Dog.
I can tell it to sit, lay down,
            Roll over, play dead.
I scold it and shame it
            And pretend it’s my bitch
And though it worries my carcass
            And growls and shits,
            It gives me a leg up. On profundity.

I have given a name to my beauty
            And call it Snake.
I observe it wind my hand
            Delicate as flowers ferocious as fangs
I tell it, PULSE DANGER.

And though its little murders do not ripple
            The still-water universe
            It’s all about ego. Feeling groovy.

I have given a name to my anger
            And call it Cockroach
I fatten it with booze and candy
            It waxes petty and cruel
I chase it to squash it
            Curse its very existence
But because it incites war
            In the bowels of men
            It does me some good. Keeps them in check.

I have given a name to my disease
            And call it Devil
Sad Devil. Mean-spirited
            Jealous and cruel.
I know the Fiend called Devil
            Is the Blindness called Life
Still I shout HUZZAH
            With the rest.
            It appeases. Why not?

I have given a name to my sadness
            And call it God
I tell it YOU ARE DEAD.
            Long live you?

            At least fucking PLAY DEAD

And though it is just as obtrusive and entertaining
            Shameless as any other god,
            There are others. I pray.

This is a reprint of work originally published in The Kitchen Poet.

Dr. M. Leona Godin is a blind writer, performer and doctor of philosophy. She has written and produced two plays, The Star of Happiness and The Spectator & the Blind Man. Her fiction has been published in FLAPPERHOUSE and Quail Bell Magazine, and her poetry in Anamesa and UndergroundBooks’ The Kitchen Poet. You can read all things Godin at http://www.drmlgodin.com And follow her on Twitter: @DrMLGodin.

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5 Responses to A Pain Named Dog

  1. Such from clear, simple, honest, and concise language. I felt it inside me.

  2. The second word was inadvertently deleted, profundity. Such profundity….

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