Second-Hand Camera

This old second-hand camera
has seen more than I have.
It caught time that no longer exists
but it couldn’t keep hold of it.
It doesn’t have that kind of grip.
Beauty and pain;
this camera was there.
It sits lonely now gathering dust
and I wonder briefly;
who was with it
in those hours that sulked away?

Bobby Gant is a writer and poet from Yorkshire. His work has been published by The Cadaverine, Decanto Magazine, Eunoia Review, Word Riot, Young Academic, and London Progressive Journal, as well as in various university magazines and journals.

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3 Responses to Second-Hand Camera

  1. Dan Gleebits says:

    I prefer a haiku

  2. Ged Newham says:

    My favourite part was the part about the camera. Really evoked childhood memories of having a camera

  3. katie slee says:

    Unfortunately I am camera shy or I would leave a comment…

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